Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci has occupied me intensively since 2010. It started with a Leonardo bridge in the garden, and soon I was reproducing Leonardo’s first technical models. From my enthusiasm the construction became more and more. Leonardo Pavilion, Geodesic Dome, Geometrically Large Constructs.

In 2011 I was already at the medieval market and children’s festival with the bridge and the first constructs. And I built more and more models and experimented with geometry, the golden ratio and collected books about Leonardo da Vinci.

In 2019 I received requests for school workshops, since then I have been to many schools, holiday games, and also sustainable academy organizations with workshops.

In 2020 we are planning an exhibition with all the exhibits from my workshop. Unfortunately, this could only be opened to visitors for the first time in 2021. It was even surprising for me that I already had well over 100 models and constructions and had a successful exhibition on 300m2 with many school classes and visitors. Since 2020 every Year is the Big Leonardowerkstatt Exhibition in Linz – Auwiesen in Austria.

Every month there is an open Leonardo workshop in Linz (Austria) and many workshops in Austria and small exhibitions at medieval markets and various events are already being planned.

Other pages will not be translated for the time being, maybe online translators can help. I am also happy about personal messages and questions.

Greetings Franz Wieser

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