Leonardo Da Vinci


The book “in der Leonardowerkstatt” – a handbook for Leonardo da Vinci journeymen – was published on April 24, 2022.

The book was created as a handbook for the Leonardo workshop, workshops and exhibitions.

This book is only available in German language, the project for an English version has started.

On 84 pages (in color) there are 33 handicraft and experiment instructions with 14 coloring and cutting templates and information on the works and history of Leonardo da Vinci from Franz Wieser’s Leonardo workshop to read.

The book can be ordered on Amazon “in der Leonardowerkstatt” (only german language) or reserved for collection at the Leonardowerkstatt in Linz-Auwiesen (Austria).

The book is available for 14 euros,

Reservation for collection in the Leonardo workshop in Austria – Linz-Auwiesen by email

Preview from the book “in der Leonardowerkstatt”

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